Next Generation Invisible Grille - Diamond Grille System


Diamond Grille Systems

Next Generation 
Invisible Grille
Solid like Diamond

Tough & Durable
No Plastic Membrane
No Fire Hazard

15 Years Warranty*

A co-operation between Endo Grilles Group and LandSea Group

Diamond Grille Systems (Patent in progress) provides you an excellent seamless invisible look of your surroundings, and safety barrier for your love ones.

Using Made in Switzerland Ultra High Strength Mono Core, Solid, Thin and Round Wires, our Diamond Grille Systems provide you a high quality and solid Window Grilles to protect your love ones.

Our Diamond Grille Systems are a combination of the excellent features in the Invisible Grilles and Aluminium Window Grilles / Mill Steel Window Grilles. Our Diamond Grille Systems provide a seamless invisible look of your environment like the Invisible Grille, and give you the security and robustness of the Aluminium Window Grilles / Mill Steel Window Grilles.


Being tough and secure, and yet invisible see through view.

*15 years Rust Warranty on our Diamond Grille Wires.

Selected by Singapore's Finest Services Invisible Grille Suppliers 


Diamond Grille Wires 


Invisible Grille Wires

Cutting Demonstration

Solid like Diamond


Burning Demonstration

No Fire Hazard


Corrosion Demonstration

Anti-Rusting and No Maintenance Required

Diamond Grille Systems
No Coating or Plastic Membrane

No More Concerns for Coating & Plastic Membrane Degradation

Examples on Typical Coating or Plastic Membrane Degradation caused by UV

DGS 7.jpg
DGS 8.jpg
DGS 9.jpg

STAGE 1 of Coating or Plastic Membrane Degradation


STAGE 2 of Coating or Plastic Membrane Degradation


STAGE 3 of Coating or Plastic Membrane Degradation



Tension Demonstration

Diamond Grille vs Invisible Grille

(Casement & Sliding Frame Types)

High Tension Wires

No More Stiffeners

The Diamond Grille Systems have high tension between it's wires, thus providing you and your love ones the safety barriers you all deserve. 


Unlike the Invisible Grille System, the Diamond Grille Systems do not require any stiffeners that will block your view!

Invisible Grille No More Stiffeners.png
dgs 6.png

Swiss Precision Ultra High Strength Wires

The Diamond Grille Wires are manufactured in Switzerland. Our ultra high strength mono core, solid, thin and round wires can hold a minimum of 1,000kg (Weight of a small car).

Each inch of our wire undergoes 100% Non-destructive Testing, guaranteeing it's performance  and reliability throughout the entire length. 

The corrosion resistance of our Diamond Grille Cable is more than any Stainless Steel Window Grilles in the market. 

Solid like Diamond, Tough and Durable

Safety is the first priority for Window Grilles, and we will want a peace of mind that a Window Grilles cannot be easily cut through.

The Swiss Made Ultra High Strength Thin Wires used on our Diamond Grille System have ultra tensile strength, which is 2-3 times harder than standard Stainless Steel 304 or 316 materials.


It can only be cut by specialized cutting equipment, thus eliminating the danger accidental cutting using household scissors.


No Plastic Membrane, 
No Harmful Plastic Fumes
No Fire Hazard

Our Swiss made Diamond Grille System  Wires perform excellently even in harsh environments.

It does not require any coating or plastic membrane, thus there won’t be any concerns for coating or plastic membrane degradation.

Most importantly, there's no risk of fire hazard and harmful plastic fumes.

Solid Seamless, Invisible Look

The Diamond Grille Systems incorporate the robust Oil & Technology into the Window Grilles, eliminating the challenges faced with current Window Grilles.

The Diamond Grille Systems gives the user a seamless, invisible look with a solid barrier. With it's Smooth Surface, there's no Danger of Wire Splinter Cuts.

Safe invisible view for you and your love ones!

Next Generation Invisible Grille - Diamond Grille System

No price is too high to risk the lives of your love ones, contact us for a free consultation now

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